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Today is a special episode because it’s part of the Nutrition for Runners series. I reached out to my friend Steve Mackel because I wanted him to describe his method for fueling during a race. It’s the 10 – 30 – 45 method I use in races – and I realized I haven’t talked about it lately.

But we ended up talking about carb-loading, what to eat before a race, what to eat during a race and after a race – and I didn’t want to hold out this information in case you’re running the LA Marathon Camisola LOSC Lille this weekend or training for a race and can use this in training!

Before I get to the interview I want to tell you about Steve because he has an excellent resume and so much experience working with athletes of all levels… from first time half marathon runners to seasoned veterans trying to pr or qualify for the Boston Marathon – he has coached them all.

We met in 2013 on a project with the nyc Marathon and I was fairly newbie at the time and learned a ton! He coaches a great running group – the Sole Runners and I’ve been able to run a few races with them. This is a list of just some of Steve Mackel’s credits…

ChiRunning – Master Instructor

NASM – personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition certification

RRCA – Marathon Coach

Certified indoor Cycling Instructor

Certified massage Therapist

NASM – senior fitness Specialist

FIST Biker Fitter

Certified Hypnotherapist

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Most recently we ran the surf City half Marathon together. We both pushed ourselves and did our best at the race. He brings out the best in people! Let’s get into the ideas on what to eat before, during and after your race…


I asked Steve a few questions to start including…

What is your favorite race? The nyc Marathon and Athens Marathon

Training for anything ideal now? He’s training to run the Mt. Charleston Revel Marathon.

*Bonus: if you want to run one of the Revel Race Marathons or half Marathons – check out the race discounts page to save on those runs!! 

What to eat during a Race or long Run:

What is your method for fueling during a marathon or half marathon?

Do you eat gels or chews during a race? Quais? com que frequência?

Steve’s thoughts on caffeine before and during a race.

How to Carb-Load

Carb-loading is a lot more than what you eat the night before a race. You must start carb loading in the days leading up to the race. increase your intake to 60 to 70% carbs. try to eat fairly ‘normal’ the night before the race and top it off race morning.

**There’s a 3 day Carb-Loading meal plan on the fuel Cheat Sheet.**

10  – 30 – 45 method to fueling for a race

The 10 – 30 – 45 fuel method for marathon and half marathon races is a great way to make sure you are drinking and eating enough. set your enjoy to beep every 10 minutes / 30 minutes / 45 minutes and take in the fuel or liquid your body needs. The amount of water, electrolytes and food you need depends on your body, your race and goals. practice this in training and learn your needs.

10 minutes – drink water Camisola Urawa Red Diamonds or your running drink of choice

30 minutes – electrolyte

45 minutes – 150 – 200 calories

Most gels are about 100 calories

Meus favoritos…

I use Clif shot blocks and Mocha Gels. I normally drink whatever electrolyte drink is on the course for a race. during training runs or for hot weather races when I bring my own water bottle I drink spark normally in Fruit Punch or Mango Strawberry.

What must you eat AFTER a half marathon or marathon:


Look for something that’s about 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 carbs to protein ratio

Carbs are crucial to refuel your body.

Get a lot more information on the Sole Runners half marathon and marathon training group on their Facebook page – Sole Runners.

Or you can contact Steve on his site

Good luck to any individual racing LA this weekend!! The Sole Runners are running the LA Marathon too! say ‘Hi’ if you see their aid station around mile 18!

Then, they’ll start a new training plan in may for the long beach half marathon or marathon in October. They train in long Beach, CA so if you’re in the area and want to run a half or full with a incredGrupo amigável e divertido, confira -os.

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